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"For Such a Time as This" - Esther 1-10 - Larry Basinger

We live in challenging times - just like everyone else who has ever lived! The circumstances may change, but the needs remain the same. We need followers of Christ who have been born for "such a time as this." Pastor Larry provides insight into the Old Testament story of Esther & encourages us to follow her example.

“We Must Obey God Rather Than Man” - Acts 4 & 5 - Larry Basinger

The early church came into existence during the Roman Empire. How did these Christians reconcile "Caesar is Lord" with "Jesus is Lord" - & how did they respond to the decrees of the Sanhedrin to no longer speak of Jesus? Pastor Larry takes a look at Acts 4 & 5 to find answers.

“Our Christian Responsibility to Those in Need” - Acts 11:26-30 - Pastor Emmanuel Charles

Pastor Emmanuel Charles, from St. Lucia, West Indies, was our guest speaker at CIM on July 15. Tune in to find out how the Christian should respond to the needs around us. From the man on the corner to natural disasters, God has instructed us in His Word as to how a Christian should respond. "Let us help our brothers and sisters who are in need." You are in for a treat!

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